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Veggie De Lite

This roll is served just like our Flaming Posh roll. It has asparagus, avocado, tamago, takuan, kanpyo, cream cheese, and cucumber. Then drizzled with spicy mayo, eel sauce, sriracha and sprinkled with our special seasoning and flambéed tableside.

Veggie Roll

Kanpyo (sweet marinated radish), takuan (pickle radish), avocado, tamago (sweet japanese omelette), cream cheese and cucumber rolled in a soy paper, then topped with our 4 sauces (kimchee, spicy mayo, sriracha and eel sauce.


Crispy fried crab stick, cream cheese and avocado topped with smoked salmon.

Mexican Roll

Hamachi (yellow tail), avocado, tempura flakes and masago rolled, topped with slices of torched Jalapeño, then drizzled with eel and sriracha sauce.


California roll topped with volcano mix (baked assorted fish and crab), then drizzled with eel sauce and topped with tempura flakes.

Spicy Tuna

Spicy tuna and cucumber rolled, then drizzled with spicy mayo.


Shrimp tempura, asparagus, and tamago rolled, layered with thin slices of avocado then drizzled with eel sauce.


California roll topped with five slices of fishes (chef’s choice) topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce, and sriracha.

California Eel

California roll topped with thin slices of avocado and broiled eel, then drizzled with eel sauce.


Shredded crab, cucumber, and avocado.