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Sushi Boat

Have a large group or can't decide which roll to get? Ask your waiter about getting a sushi boat on your next visit. We can offer you our standard small or large sushi boat, or tell us what rolls, nigiri, or sashimi you want on it.


Spicy tuna, avocado, and cream cheese rolled. Topped with fresh salmon and tuna, baked and topped with spicy shredded crab, then drizzled with eel sauce, sriracha and spicy mayo.

Snap Finger

It's not printed on our menu, but here's the scoop - ask about the Snap Finger roll on your next visit..you will likely have a new favorite after trying it. Send us a message to inquire about other secret rolls.

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Big Daddy

This BIG roll has chopped lobster tempura, avocado and cream cheese. Topped with thin slices of avocado and tuna, then drizzled with spicy mayo, sriracha, eel sauce and garnished masago and scallions.

White Tiger

Crispy crab sticks, spicy tuna and cream cheese rolled. Topped with volcano mix and torched white tuna, then drizzled with eel sauce and tempura flakes.

Shrimp Kani

Tempura shrimp, avocado, and asparagus rolled. Topped with spicy shredded crab, then drizzled with eel sauce and tempura flakes.

Flaming Posh

This is our famous signature roll. This roll has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and asparagus inside, then topped with volcano mix (baked assorted fish and crab) and layered with ebi (boiled shrimp). Then drizzled with spicy mayo, eel sauce, sriracha and sprinkled with our special seasoning and flambéed tableside.

Happy Hour Special

1/2 off well and premium drinks every day from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Thanksgiving Special

As a "Thank you" for being a loyal customer, mention that you saw this special on poshlasolas.com or #PoshGiving to claim 10% off your sushi order during the month of November.